* Support for the handicapped under the Cheyuta Scheme
* A Commission for the handicapped’s welfare
* Multi-purpose cards for the disabled

A Special campaign has been organised for the welfare of the disabled during August, 1998 round of Janmabhoomi. 56,560 disabled have been identified for supply of various AIDS/appliances. So far, AIDS/appliances distributed during the Janmabhoomi rounds are given below:

 Identified Distributed
Distribution of Tricycles 32,333  29,794
Distribution of Calipers 3,732  3,135
Fitting of Artificial Limbs 2,128 773
Hearing Aids 9,497 7,321
Fitting of crutches 9,075 9,075
Supply of Braille Slates 1,503 543
Supply of tape recorders 1,808 1,576
Wheel Chairs 763 763
Supply of walking sticks 6,307 6,307
Scholarships 15,794 15,794
Pre-matric 9,172 9,172
Marriage incentive 8,162 6,173


31,346 have been assisted under self-employment programmes and 8.10 lakh have been issued Certificates. There have been other welfare measures taken up.

Salaries from the first standard onwards to the PG level.

Accomodation for 3,800 in 38 hostels and 3 homes.

Five Asharam Schools for the blind and six for the deaf.

Employment for those who have registered their names at the employment exchange and still have not got jobs.


Financial help for livelihood.

Encouragement Awards for those who wed the disabled.

Pensions for 50,000 handicapped people.

Vocational and employment courses.

Reservations in jobs.

Cheyuta Scheme introduced in the seventh round of Janmabhoomi in 1998 Rs 1353.26 lakhs worth aid given to 103999.

Financial aid worth 3263.73 lakhs for 601313 people.