Chief Minister

(9.5 years: 1994 – 2004 & 2014 – present)

Nara Chandrababu Naidu is a rare politician who combines an ability to unveil grand vision for the development of the society while being extremely pragmatic.

He is a great visionary who pursues his innovation strategies with great vigour and determination by being extremely detail-focused.

His approach towards development is non-doctrinal and believes in absorbing good aspects of various development models, striking relationships with people and goading them to working hard, towards achieving the set goals. Never was he seen exulting after a victory as always looked ahead to set the next goal.

An able and an efficient administrator, he became synonymous with perfection and came to be known as an ideal politician. In the course of his political life, he had many an opportunity to occupy prestigious posts in the government but Mr.Naidu never showed any inclination towards the lure o high offices. One often heard him say that he never depended on luck but always believed in hard work.

CBN first swearing

In 1995, as a chief minister he introduced many market-based reforms while at the same time formulating many populist schemes which none of his predecessors ever launched. IT and ITES sectors boomed during his tenure, giving rise to a separate state level IT policy.
Mr. Naidu worked 18 hours a day and set an example and changed the mindset of the employees. Heaps of files in government offices were cleared regularly and he brought about revolutionary changes in the solving people’s problems. He always believed in walking the talk and modernized administration by computerizing a number of government operations.

Gates with Naidu

He made the administration run professionally as an efficient organization rather than as a bureaucracy saddled with red-tapism. He came out with a Vision-2020 policy document for the all-round development of the state and implemented it with passion, be it in IT, bio-technology or tourism.

Mr. Naidu’s vision includes making Andhra Pradesh another Singapore. He launched initiatives which aim at achieving excellence in all walks of life and focus on community building through teamwork.

Former US President Bill Clinton observed an amazing experiment in e-governance that has revolutionized the way the citizens interact with their state when Mr. Naidu was the chief minister and admired his work.