Chandrababu Naidu was born in Naravaripalli, eight kilometres from Chandragiri in Chittoor district. Just a little away from the temple town of Tirupati. There were hardly 27 families which inhabited the village and all of them were either farmers or were from the middle class who migrated to this place years back.

The story goes that these families migrated from Kondaveedu area in Guntur. Kondaveedu is known for valour of its kings and has a rich historical significance but is now only left with insignia and memories. Many displaced families relocated to Chandragiri which was once the capital of Kondaveedu. One farmer who moved to Naravaripalli near Chandragiri was Nara Karjoora Naidu and his wife Ammannama, parents of Chandrababu.


Neither Naravaripalli nor the family of Kharjoora Naidu were little known to the people of Andhra but thanks to Mr. Naidu, the village rose to prominence due to the laurels achieved by him. Eldest amongst his three siblings, a brother and two sisters, Mr. Naidu exhibited his talent, efficiency even while he was a child and rose to become one of the most astute politicians that Andhra Pradesh had ever produced.

Kharjoora Naidu was just like any ordinary farmer. He led a simple and a modest life and worked towards giving his children a decent future. He was a respected man in Naravaripalli and people in the neighbouring village looked upto his counsel. Because he did not go through primary education, he nurtured a dream to see his children Chandrababu and Ramamurthy study and take up respectable positions in the society. His life partner supported him in this endeavour.