With the encouragement of his parents, Mr.Naidu would travel one-and-a half kilometre everyday to Seshapuram gram panchayat as there was no educational centre at Naravaripalli. Just not this place, thousands of villages those days lacked basic facilities like roads, drinking water. Education was a distant dream for many. Mr.Naidu’s parents left no stone unturned to meet the educational requirement of their children.

edu-imgMr.Naidu was born on April 20, 1950. After his elementary education in Seshapuram, he had to go to Chandragiri to take up secondary education. He lived at his relative’s home to finish the tenth standard. As he pursued higher education, his destination shifted to Tirupati. It was at the college premises and at the hostel, Mr.Naidu’s leadership qualities surfaced. While studying BA economics, politics and history at SV Arts College, he had a deep understanding of the problems faced by the society.

Mr.Naidu did not confine himself to what was taught within the class room. Evenwhile studying BA he had established village development committees. His Vinayaka Sangham, a social development programme undertaken by him assumed full form during the vacations. He would gather the youth and swing into some developmental activity or the other at Naravaripalli.

During 1972 while he was in college he gathered a crowd and laid a 5-km road to Bhimavaram. He took up the channelizing of irrigation water to the fields and saw to it that each member from a family contributed to the earnings by joining the community work. Those who absented themselves were made to shell out Rs. 100 which was a big amount those days.

The idea of Shramadhaan and Janmabhoomi projects germinated around that time. Known as stubborn and modern in outlook, he surprised people by bringing bulldozers to Narvaripalli to make ploughing easy and levelling of agricultural land.

He diverted seepage water from cement pipes to irrigate fields and always strove to accomplish things innovatively.He was known for his leadership qualities, setting goals, working efficiently till he achieved them and these qualities helped him in honing his skills when he entered the political field.

Student Leader

student-l-img1The seeds for Mr.Naidu’s future political life were laid during his college days at SV University. While studying MA Economics at the same university, and preparing for a research study on Acharya Ranga and his work on village economic development he became a student leader. He was a deciding factor in many of the student elections and student unions in the university. SV University became the foundation stone for many current politicians in Chittoor District and in Andhra Pradesh. Chittoor district Congress leader Pileru Ramachandra Reddy and CPI State Joint Secretary K.S. Narayana are some of his contemporaries. Mr.Naidu was quite a multi-tasker handling agriculture, education at one end and social work and political activities on the other.