Leader of Opposition

(10 years : 2004 – 2014)

In the 2004 Assembly election Telugu Desam lost by a difference of 5% vote. Mr.Naidu was gracious to accept the defeat and said he did not blame the people. Mr.Naidu analysed the reasons and utilized the next few years in understanding the problem and finding a solution.

cbn vastunna mekosam

One of the main reasons was the severe drought that gripped Andhra Pradesh in the previous year. The timing of the election was also wrong. January and February were the best months to hold elections but the Election Commissioner postponed it to May. Ultimately, when the election took place in summer, people misunderstood the government. Moreover, there was a false propaganda that the government was going to reduce the retirement age of government employees. Then the anti-incumbency factor worked against him.

The extremist groups like the Naxalites also worked against the TDP. Mr.Naidu said defeat for him was an opportunity. Generally, when there is a debacle, people get worried. But he did not get disheartened but started rebuilding the party.

In 2009, Congress came to power with false promises and a division in the opposition vote share due to the launch of a new political party in the state. However, Mr.Naidu continued to fight for people and was always leading the agitation against any problem.

Chnadrababu at vastunna meekosam

As a responsible opposition leader, Mr.Naidu did the historical Padayathra in the entire state under “VastunnaMeekosam” program. He met thousands of people during this program and promised them that he will work towards uplifting the poor and farming sector.

He met the party workers, gave confidence and motivated the entire party to fight the first election for new Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.