Tourism tops Chandrababu Naidu’s development plans

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu proposes seven missions for the speedy and integrated development of the state. 
The state government has identified  setting  up development in the fields of infrastructure, industries, services, urban development, skill development, primary sector, and social development. Mr Naidu on Tuesday discussed in depth the implementation of development missions where he told the officials  that for an all-round development of the state, these missions were essential.
Reviewing plans of the tourism department,  he said that  tourism department will be developed as a priority sector.
He said if the tourism sector is developed, job opportunities will grow  simultaneously. And, at the same time, it will boost the state economy to a great extent. Mr Naidu said all the temples in the state will be developed as tourist centres. In the meeting a proposal came to develop the coastal areas in the state to promote beach tourism.
Andhra Pradesh government is also thinking of gifting iPads to every farmer in the state. He said this will help them receive information  about soil tests, useful crops, quality seeds and marketing details through satellite communication.